Re​active Dog Walks

Reactive Dog Walks 

We love our reactive dog training and seeing the dogs progress.  We work on desensitising your dog through positive reward based training.  We also work at the dogs pace keeping the dog in a relaxed state and progress at the dogs speed.


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Reactive Dog Walk 30 mins

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Reactive Dog Walk 1 hour

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What our customers are saying

Heidi has walked both our border terriers Gus and Talli on many occasions but mainly to help with Gus our two year old.

Gus has issues with other dogs and sometimes people and can be quite reactive. Since Heidi has taken him out and given him one to one training he has come on leaps and bounds! With people he’s fine now and most dogs (apart from white ones ! Lol)

Still some way to go but on the whole in a very short time she has managed to really help his nervousness. We are really pleased. I cannot recommend Heidi enough, not only for general dog walking/ visits but for helping with reactive dogs. I’m a Vet Nurse myself and wouldn’t hesitate to let others know how much she has helped us. Thanks Heidi 👍🏻

Donna Carlin