Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits

Having a new puppy is a very exciting time and they will bring lots of happiness and fun to your household! However, it is very hard to leave your puppy for the first time when you are going to be back at work or away then it is important that your puppy has as normal a routine as possible. 

Puppies will  require extra care and attention for example feeding as they require 3 meals a day, cleaning up of accidents, toilet training, and companionship. 

Puppy's minds at this stage are like sponges, they absorb all that is going on around them and can quickly develop good or bad behaviours. so it important your puppy has good experiences and socialising with people is so important at this stage as the experiences a puppy has during this stage of their life's can affect how they will cope as an adult.

Once your puppy has had his vaccinations their adventures can begin,


  • Experienced Puppy Sitter.
  • Peace of mind when you are out.
  • I will ensure your puppy is kept in the routine to which they are accustomed to
  • I offer email or text updates


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What our customers are saying

I call Heidi the dog whisperer, she is amazing and made my getting a new puppy so

Much easier, we started with her coming to the house while lily was a pup, and had training each time and now if you ask lily is Heidi coming today she is more than excited!

Am so relieved I found Heidi, fully flexible and accommodating.

Liz Goodwill