On​e to One Dog walking

One to One Dog Walking

This is what we love to do giving your dog our individual attention making sure your dog is happy  and having fun, For the dogs we walk regularly we will vary their walks ensuring we keep them interested and stimulated by new places and smells.

We encourage good behaviour with all our dogs we walk from waiting at a kerb to walking on a loose lead.

We can walk your dog on or off lead to your preference. With off lead walking with your dog we always make sure we have a bond with your dog before we let them off making sure we keep them safe.

We walk in all weathers and make sure your dog is clean and dry on their return and there is fresh water for them.


  • Individual walks will allow your dog to go at their own speed, this is great for the less mobile
  • They will get undivided attention, play time and stimulation
  • Each walk is tailored to your Dogs needs.


Initial Meet & Greet

initial visit to meet you and your dog  to discuss your dogs needs


One to One Dog Walking 30 minutes

Walking only your Dog for 30 minutes


One to One Dog Walking 1 Hour

Walking only your Dog 1 hour