About Me

Hi my name is Heidi, I have a great love dogs and have had dogs all my life in many shapes and sizes. I have four spaniels now 3 of them are working dogs so have to be well behaved but they do have their moments.

I live at the foot of Ham hill Country park so have an abundance of walks in my back garden plus the prince of wales on the top of the hill which is a great place to go  when i have a young dog for socialisation

 ( we have a little treat while we are there a bonio for the dog and a coffee for me ) 

I am first Aid trained, Fully insured, i am doing courses all the time to keep my knowledge relevant. 

My Gang





OZ is the oldest coming up 10 years old, He has a calm nature an always looks quite regal. 

Well behaved and a good worker

JEZ  ‚Äčis my special needs dog, he is reactive, He is 9 years old. his  obedient is super.  We manage his 

re activeness but we rarely see it in him when he is working.

Jack is the naughty child well i say naughty but really just cheeky. His obedience is good unless he is having a moment.

Jack does not work.

Wilf is the baby of the family, loves a cuddle and always needs to be near or on you. He is well behaved and his heel work is super.

Wilf has turned into a good little worker.